I Want To Be A Clone

[Image: 'I Want To Be A Clone' Front Cover]

© 1983 Sparrow Records
CD, LP, Cassette


Track Listing

  1. Steeplechase (1:25)
  2. I Want To Be A Clone (2:30)
  3. Whatever Happened To Sin? (3:07)
  4. Written Guarantee (2:36)
  5. Bad Rap (Who You Tryin' To Kid, Kid?) (3:00)
  6. Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Number's Up? (4:12)

About The Album

From Steve Taylor: On The Fritz and Working Better Than Ever, Sparrow Spotlight, Q2-Q3(?) 1985:

"At the time I started writing," Taylor recalls, "a lot of Christian music wasn't very honest. It talked about a Christianity that didn't exist. You know, 'Jesus makes me happy all the time, and I praise the Lord every minute of my life, every breath I take' -- it just wasn't rooted in reality. That's not even a Biblical reality; we're all human, we have struggles, we have things we have to face."

With the release of his first mini-LP, I Want To Be A Clone, Taylor's name quickly began to spread. "We had just released that album to see what would happen," he recalls. "When it started taking off, I had to make a decision: is that what I want to do? And so I decided to go ahead and start touring."