I Manipulate

[Image: 'On The Fritz' Front Cover]



Does your soul crave center stage?
Have you heard about the latest rage?
Read your Bible by lightning flash
Get ordained at the thunder crash

Build a kingdom with a cattle prod
Tell the masses it's a message from God
Where the innocent congregate
I manipulate

Take your notebooks, turn with me
To the chapter on authority
Do you top the chain of command
Rule your family with an iron hand

I dispense little pills of power
From my hideaway ivory tower
From the cover of heaven's gate
I manipulate

Now it's time to fill in the space
Where we talk about a woman's place
Do you want to build a happy home?
Have you sacrificed a mind of your own?

'Cause a good wife learns to cower
Underneath the umbrella of power
From the cover of heaven's gate
I manipulate

Yes, I know that parable
That's the story of the prodigal
If you question what I'm teaching you
You rebel against the Father too

If he loved him why'd he let him go?
Well, I guess I don't really know
But I see it's getting late

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About The Song

From Clone Club News Flash Winter 1986, Winter 1986:

I came across a quote by author Florence Bulle that echoes my sentiments exactly: "How thankful I am for the many spiritual teachers and Christian friends who have counseled, rebuked, encouraged, exhorted, and deepened my understanding of God and his kingdom. But my gratitude is the greater because they dared to trust the Holy Spirit in me. They haven't tried to usurp control by subtle manipulation or by illicit claims of authority. Rather, they let me learn and grow by making my own decisions--right or wrong. Best of all, they love and accept me even when my choices are faulty."

From Cornerstone 1994 Press Conference, The Phantom Tollbooth, July 2nd, 1994:

The original version of the song "I Manipulate" on the first record [sic], which was not necessarily one of my best songs, with a very pointed lyric, was originally a lot more pointed, and in retrospect, much too pointed. I was just really, really grateful for this one guy in particular saying, "man, you shouldn't be saying this, you need to back down a little bit."