[Image: 'Limelight' Front Cover]

© 1986 Sparrow Records
LP, Cassette


Track Listing

  1. This Disco (Used To Be A Cute Cathedral)
  2. I Want To Be A Clone
  3. You Don't Owe Me Nothing
  4. On The Fritz
  5. We Don't Need No Colour Code
  6. Whatever Happened To Sin?
  7. Meltdown (At Madame Tussaud's)
  8. Not Gonna Fall Away

About The Album

From Gospel Lectern, Billboard, December 14th, 1985:

"We'd been thinking about doing a live album, and things just kind of fell together to do both at Greenbelt," he sais. "Greenbelt's a great place to perform, and we'd had a great show there the year before. Plus, the festival has a huge light rig, which I sure couldn't afford on my own.

"What am I going to do with a concert film? I don't know. Just chalk this up as another tribute to my keen business mind."

From Gospel Lectern, Billboard, December 21st, 1985:

"It was good to use my own band for once, and I really think they rose to the occasion. It's got a good live sound and is a very energetic record. It should be out sometime in January or February."