Dream In Black And White

[Image: 'Now The Truth Can Be Told' Front Cover]



Suburban sun
Is slowly dying
Suburban moon
It never lives
The wife just nods when you get home now
You stay together for the kids

Six o'clock
You watch the headlines
By half past ten
Your eyes are glued
You spent the daylight making deadlines
Tonight the TV is making you

You may watch the world in color
In the corner burning bright
You may watch the world in color
But you dream in black and white

The shadows flicker
Across your face now
The image sinks
Inside your brain
With just a few more magic dollars
You could make yourself a name

Sporty cars
Surround your castle
With a roof antenna
Reaching to the sky
A commercial message for the good life
Is just a simulated lie

You may watch the world in color
Your only friend when times are tight
You may watch the world in color
But you dream in black and white

Recorded Appearances

About The Song

From Cornerstone 1994 Press Conference, The Phantom Tollbooth, July 2nd, 1994:

... [W]e ended up using like one half of one old demo, and I even faded it before the last verse because it was just too hard to listen to.

From Now The Truth Can Be Told Liner Notes & Song-By-Song Essays, Now The Truth Can Be Told Insert Booklet, August 23rd, 1994:

... [T]here was one pre-Clone demo that made the [Now The Truth Can Be Told album], but even it includes some post-mortem tampering. "Dream in Black & White" suffers from some of my recurring maladies: too much alliteration, melodrama, improper use of a glockenspiel, etc. But nothing could excuse the sappiness of the song's third verse.

What third verse, you ask?

Oh, it's there, alright--I just can't guarantee you'll be able to hear it. Sometimes these mastering guys get a little excited when they get to the end of a long boxed set. They've occasionally even been known to fade the last song a little early.