Shark Sandwich

[Image: 'Now The Truth Can Be Told' Front Cover]



Turn the radio on
To a southern drawl
Hear the Prophet Jimmy
With a message for y'all

"Well I have found a new utensil
In the devil's toolbox
And the heads are gonna roll
If Jesus rocks"

"It's of a worldly design
God's music should be divine
Try buying records like mine
Avoid temptation"

Guilty by association


She's got her ear to the phone
And her toe in a Seventeen mag

She's got her nails on hold
And her nylons in a cellophane Glad bag

Her parents look the other way
She doesn't hear a word they say
She's stepping out, she's almost there
I think she's running out of air

Be a good girl
Why be a good girl?
Be a good girl
Why be a good girl?

She is a see-saw seeing if it matters
She is a game of Chutes and Ladders

Be a good girl
Don't be a good girl
Be a good girl
Why be a good girl?

She's on the outside begging for admission
She needs a love without condition


A politician next door
Swore he'd set the Washington arena on fire
Thinks he'll gladiate them
But they're gonna make him a liar

Well he's a good ol' boy
Who was born and raised
In the buckle of the Bible Belt
But remember when you step
Into your voting booth
He'll never lie
He'll just embellish the truth

Promises were made to be broken, right?
You've gotta play the game to win
When you need supporting
Tell them that you're born again
Whatever happened to sin?

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