Jeremiah People: The Reunion

[Image: 'Jeremiah People: The Reunion' Front Cover]
[Image: 'Jeremiah People: The Reunion' Front Cover] [Image: 'Jeremiah People: The Reunion' Back Cover]

© 1982 Christian Artists' Records
CD, LP, Cassette · CA-0048


Track Listing

  1. Let It Go (3:20)
  2. Bouquet (3:05)
  3. Make Yourself Real (3:28)
  4. Time Flies (2:40)
  5. The Moo Moo Song (3:18)
  6. Sing Your Praise To The Lord (2:16)
  7. Lead Me (2:44)
  8. It Takes A Choice (2:45)
  9. By Our Love (2:37)

About The Album

From Post-Fritz Release Interview, Unknown source, Q2(?) 1985:

The other thing that I did early on as a semi-professional, I guess, is the Jeremiah People. It's a musical comedy group, it's been here for like 12 years. The thing about them is they did satire, they used it in the church, so they could get away with saying things that the pastor could never get away with saying because it was funny.

So that made a big impression on me, and after I'd worked with young people for about five years as a youth pastor, they offered me this position to direct the Jeremiah People for a year. So I did that, and co-wrote the script, and wrote the music, and that was a real good experience, but it was quite a bit different because we only had a piano and the keyboard with it, so it was quite a bit more laid back, I guess.

From Steve Taylor on Staring into the Sun: Squint or You'll Miss It, True Tunes News, Winter 1993:

... [T]he "...Clone" record came out during my stint with the Jeremiah People, which is a whole other story. "I Want To Be A Clone" came out about half-way through the Jeremiah People tour. I think we were in Houston, and somehow they advertised it as "Steve Taylor with the Jeremiah People" or something. Of course at this point I didn't even know, all I knew was that it was out, and nothing more. And this place was jammed with, at the time, "new wave-ers" who were ready to rock.

So the Jeremiah People were sort of an "Up With People" kind of thing?

Well, they weren't that bad. It was actually a musical comedy group. We did a traveling Broadway-style musical. There were seven people in the cast and it was built around a high school reunion. The production had it's moments, you know. It wasn't totally successful from start to finish, and I blame myself for a lot of that, because it had it's funny moments.