The Best We Could Find (+3 That Never Escaped)

[Image: 'The Best We Could Find (+3 That Never Escaped)' Front Cover]

© 1988 Sparrow Records
CD, CD Longbox, LP, Cassette


Track Listing

  1. Under The Blood (3:40)
  2. Down Under (3:51)
  3. Meltdown (At Madame Tussaud's) (4:26)
  4. To Forgive (3:54)
  5. Hero (3:40)
  6. Bouquet (3:51)
  7. This Disco (Used To Be A Cute Cathedral) (5:15)
  8. Sin For A Season (4:14)
  9. Guilty By Association (3:21)
  10. On The Fritz (3:56)
  11. I Just Wanna Know (4:40)
  12. Steeplechase (1:25)
  13. I Want To Be A Clone (2:30)
  14. Whatever Happened To Sin? (3:07)
  15. Written Guarantee (2:36)
  16. Bad Rap (Who You Tryin' To Kid, Kid?) (3:00)
  17. Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Number's Up? (4:12)

About The Album

From Steve Taylor Pre-concert Interview, David Wang, June 30th, 1996:

DW: One of the other curious things I found was that The Best We Could Find, the greatest-hits compilation afterwards, had no songs off of I Predict 1990. Was that a record label decision?

ST: Yeah, that was a record label thing. Sparrow was going to put it out whether I wanted them to or not, and I Predict 1990 was on Myrrh, so that was just one of those record label things.

From Steve Taylor Interview - UCB Music Academy, The UCB Music Academy, May 21st, 2014:

... [T]he label wanted to put out a "greatest hits" collection, which I thought was funny, since when it came to me and Christian radio I had exactly zero hits. That was the one we called "The Best We Could Find". [...] I thought it'd be fun to put in some new tracks, so Dave came out and helped me produce a couple of those other tracks.