Site News & Updates In 2003

Cornerstone 2003

I hope you were all able to catch Steve closing out the big birthday bash at Cornerstone 2003, because if you didn't you missed a great show. This and his Creation 2003 performance the previous week were his first on U.S. soil since 1996, but you couldn't have guessed it. The band was tight and there were no signs of wear on fan favorites such as "I Want To Be A Clone" and "On The Fritz."

The online magazine The Phantom Tollbooth orchestrated the press circus for the week, and Steve stopped by for an interview on the day of his performance. He finally revealed the precise details of Squint Entertainment's demise, and told the world what he's been up to for the past two years. You can check out the full transcript of the interview on the Tollbooth's web site.

In addition--and perhaps much to the chagrin of certain record labels--Steve officially gave his blessing with regard to distributing his music via the Internet. If you are looking for anything, and are willing to mail blank CDs and a self-addressed, stamped envelope and wait for a while, I'm happy to help. :-)

Since this is the first time I've seen Steve perform--and since it's probably the last time I'll see Steve perform--I feel quite privileged not only to have been able to participate in the press conference, but to go backstage and meet him (and of course get the customary--nay, required--fan stuff, like an autograph on my Chagall CD and a picture.)

Thanks for coming out to play one last time, Steve. ;-)

Bootleg Information

I have added an index of currently-available bootleg audio. This should be useful for keeping track of what is floating around out in the wild. There will be more to come. Big thank-yous to the many people who have sent me this stuff.