Site News & Updates In 2005

Updated The Second Chance Trailer

August 10th: The trailer for The Second Chance found on the movie's official web site has been quietly updated. It features several new clips and a revised February 2006 release date.

Site Update

July 28th: Four reviews courtesy of Dan Kennedy, and two articles and a review about Chagall Guevara:

Trailer For The Second Chance Now Online

July 3rd: The trailer for Steve's upcoming movie The Second Chance is now online at the movie's official web site,

Site Update

June 17th: Two articles from way back in 1984 courtesy of Dan Kennedy:

Site Update

May 15th: Two new articles from Australia (oi!) courtesy of Andrew Stewart:

New Interview; Second Chance's First Public Screening

May 8th: Infuze Magazine has an interview with Steve about The Second Chance, Michael W. Smith's acting ability, and more. Steve points out that the test footage for the long-gestating St. Gimp, first mentioned at Cornerstone 2003, is now available on Jonathan Richer's web site. Use Bug Me Not to bypass Infuze's compulsory registration.

Steve was also a speaker at the 2005 Biola Media Conference, where The Second Chance received its first public screening. A transcript of Steve's conference presentation does not appear to be available, but Infuze Live has three "live updates" with some details that were posted the day of here, here, and here. There is also a photo gallery.

Site Update

April 30th: A new article courtesy of Scott Welshans:

Site Update

April 27th: Approximately 90,000 keystrokes later, here are six new articles and one new review in the press archive:

New Taylor Interview At

April 14th: A brand new interview with Steve Taylor is available at In it he discusses The Second Chance, touches on older work in the music industry and work with the Newsboys and Squint Entertainment, and mentions that the live tapes of the Chagall Guevara concert recorded in Nashville over a decade ago have finally been transferred and mixed. Maybe it'll actually be released one day?

Also, The Second Chance movie now has an official web site.

Taylor & Chagall Music Available From iTunes

April 9th: For the first time in many years, several of Steve Taylor's albums can be purchased legally. His first three studio albums, plus the 1988 best-of album, are now available via iTunes:

Two other singles are available from compilation albums: the mariachi version of "Winter Wonderland" and the Squint track "The Finish Line".

The sole Chagall Guevara track currently available is "Treasure Of The Broken Land" from the Orphans Of God Mark Heard tribute album.

Thanks to John Lamb for the news.

Two New Steve Taylor Bootlegs

March 6th: Two new bootleg concerts are available, courtesy of "D. Rex" and David Anderson who found him:

Jimmy Swaggart on Steve Taylor

February 14th: The complete text of disgraced televangelist Jimmy Swaggart's book Religious Rock `N' Roll: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing is online. You can read what Jimmy had to say about Steve Taylor in chapter 9.

New Creation 1994 Bootleg

February 8th: Another bootleg has appeared thanks to Jason Wright who provided a cassette and David Anderson who found him. This time it's Creation 1994, and this is easily the best quality bootleg to be discovered since it was taken from a FM broadcast of the front-of-house feed.

Three New Steve Taylor Bootlegs

January 23rd: Three new bootleg concerts have been unearthed and released to the wild. Two are courtesy of cassette tapes provided by Michael Toth, and one is from Josh Prins. The shows are:

New Link: The Clone Club

January 12th, 2005: The Clone Club is a group, with forum, for fans of Steve Taylor, created by Robert Miguel. Check the links section for more links to other sites.