Site News & Updates In 2008

Site Update

August 8th, 2008: Five new items in the press section. Thanks to Rob Marshall for these.

Site Update

Update August 8th, 2008: "Meltdown" link below has been fixed.

August 7th, 2008: One new item in the press section:

Site Update

July 31st, 2008: One new item in the press section:

Site Update

July 19th, 2008: One new item in the press section:

Dave Perkins "Evening Of Sacred Blues" Performance Video

April 6th, 2008: Mark Shivers, webmaster of the God in Music City project in Nashville, TN, provides linkage to the "Evening of Sacred Blues" part of the web site, wherein one will find video of Dave Perkins and others from that February 21st, 2008 performance.

Steve Taylor Interview on Drew Marshall Radio Show

April 6th, 2008: The Drew Marshall Show is Canada's most listened to spiritual talk radio program. Steve was interviewed on the October 13th, 2007 show, and the audio of the interview is available online. In the interview Drew reviews Steve's history in the Christian music arena, from the recording of Clone to the demise of Squint Entertainment, as well as his burgeoning film career, his marriage, the adoption of his daughter, and even prods Steve into providing a rare glimpse into his opinions on the intermingling of religion and politics. Of course, his brief stint dating Lisa Whelchel is also mentioned.

Site Update

February 11th, 2008: There are two new items in the interview section, both with streaming and downloadable MP3s. Thanks go to Shari Lloyd for these.

February 10th, 2008: The Discography, Videography, and Song Lyrics sections have been updated and expanded. Numerous Steve and Chagall singles and promotional items (both audio and video) have been added. Full lyrics have been added for Dave Perkins' The Innocence album and "Hero's Wine" single, and for Passafist's self-titled album. Thanks to Norvin Coblentz for providing help.

New Chagall Guevara MySpace Fan Site

February 10th, 2008: Norvin Coblentz has created his own Chagall Guevara MySpace fan site. Check the videos section there for newly discovered footage of Chagall Guevara at the Greenbelt Festival in 1991. The video is from the front row! Hopefully Sock Heaven will get a copy soon for BitTorrent DVD-downloading pleasure (hint).