The Concert Event: Meltdown Tour '84

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California Lutheran College Echo
November 2nd, 1984, Volume XXV, Number 7
© 1984 California Lutheran College
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Steve Taylor & Some Band
The Concert Event In The Gym/Auditorium
Meltdown Tour '84

by Deirdre Crean

Never heard of Steve Taylor? Well, listen up! all you Progressive Music fans because this man and his group Some Band are coming to CLC to perform on November 10 at 8:15 in the Gym.

For those of you familiar with the artist you have already heard his 1982 Sparrow Records release, "I Want to be a Clone", which added a new dimention to the definition of contemporary Christian music. "Clone", a six-song mini L.P. written entirely by Taylor, focuses on the various issues, conditions and current attitudes in contemporary society, and is made especially interesting through Taylor's progressive musical style, a sort-of cross between Oingo Boingo, and Devo.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Taylor this is a concert you definately don't want to miss.

England's BUZZ magazine called "clone" the most "exciting and radically 'prophetic' recording the rock and roll subculture has so far presented to the Church."

In a similar mode, Taylor's new full-length Sparrow recording "Meltdown" contains all the bite and wit of its predecessor, while looking at the hypocrisy in a world where few are willing to take a stand. This is perhaps what I found very enjoyable about his music--the humour, and almost satirical quality.

It all begin in 1982, at Christian Artist's 1982 music seminar, Steve Taylor and Some Band received a standing ovation for their first live performance of "I Want to be a Clone." There they were noticed by Sparrow Records President Billy Ray Hearn, who quickly signed Taylor to a recording contract.

A 9 month tour followed and while on tour Taylor wrote the narration for the Dove Award winning "DREAMER" a contemporary musical based on the Old Testament character of Joseph.

Taylor and Some Band are now taking their brand of new music on the road and tour will include U.S.A., Canada, Europe, and South America.

Steve Taylor and Some Band produce a style of music that is energetic and vibrant. Their album "Clone" is a must for all Progressive music fans, and definitely a Band worth goign to hear and see!

Tickets are $4.00 in advance, $5.00 at the door and free with CLC ID. For further information about the concert, contact Carla Masters at 492-0104.