Steve Taylor Roaring Lambs Chat Transcript

© 2000
June 16th, 2000

[Photo: Steve Taylor photo from the Roaring Lambs project] The Music Channel at was proud to host Squint Entertainment founder, Christian music pioneer, music legend STEVE TAYLOR to discuss the ROARING LAMBS project in a live chat event!


Fritzpw_Host says, in his best impression of the teacher of the song Lifeboat, "Tonight we're going to have a chat. This chat is with Steve Taylor"

Fritzpw_Host says, "And now with no further statements....Meet Steve Taylor!!!!"

Steve Taylor bows gracefully.

jericho29 asks, "Steve, what can you tell us about the St. Gimp film project?"

Steve Taylor says, "It is technically in production. Segments of the movie are animated and Jonathan Richter, who works on staff at Squint and animated the videos for Chevelle's "Mia" and Insyderz's "He Has Made Me Glad" videos as well as my "Cash Cow" video is doing the animation. We've not started shooting the live action sequences yet, because I am still finishing the second draft of the script with my writing partner, Ben Pearson."

funkasaurus asks, "Do you consider yourself a workaholic? It seems like you'd have to be, with all the things you do."

Steve Taylor says, "I've never thought of myself as that before. What are the symptoms?"

jvis asks, "Steve, you rock. what is your favorite song among those that you wrote?"

ima1 says, "and why?"

Steve Taylor says, "One of the songs that I am most happy with and can still listen to without squirming is "The Finish Line"."

KingDavid8 asks, "So, Steve, have you signed any new bands to Squint recently?"

Steve Taylor says, "Yes, there is a hip-hop group out of LA called "LA Symphony". 8 MC's and a DJ out of Los Angeles. Their style is very innovative, they all love God! They've got a lot of celebrities from the hip-hop world working with them, including Will I AM from "Black-eyed Peas", Prince Paul from De La Soul...and Mario C, who produces the Beastie Boys. It is shaping up to be a really great record. I think it will break a lot of new ground."

Wisp asks, "What was your most embarrassing moment?"

Steve Taylor laughs hysterically.

Steve Taylor says, "A couple of days after I broke my ankle at a Cornerstone show, I made the unfortunate decision to do a concert from an electric wheelchair... The wheelchair ran out of juice halfway through the concert, leaving me to push myself around with just one foot.... It was a pathetic sight!"

Fritzpw_Host says, "Good thing you weren't close to a window"

Fritzpw_Host chuckles in amusement.

jvis asks, "Can you tell us if Burlap To Cashmere is making as much progress in the mainstream as they'd like?"

Steve Taylor says, "I don't think so, it's unfortunate because their record label "A&M" got bought by "Interscope", and I don't think the people at Interscope realize what a great band they are."

duckylovesjesus asks, "why did you call this CD roaring lambs?"

Steve Taylor says, "It is named after a book written by the late Bob Briner, which deals with the importance of Christians breaking out of a "Christian" sub-culture and obeying Jesus' command to be salt and light. Bob was a great friend and helped me a lot in starting Squint."

Fritzpw_Host says, "You can read Bob's columns at"

Iocasta asks, "With the rise of MP3' and Napster, as well as with the changes occurring in Christian music, where do you see the music industry in ten years?"

Steve Taylor says, "Extinct... The music business needs to undergo a radical re-alignment....record companies have too much power and artists get treated like indentured servants."

potsie41 asks, "Why haven't you put out an album in so long, Steve good buddy? Is there one coming soon?"

Steve Taylor says, "I've been working on new songs for the soundtrack to "St. Gimp", but it's obviously taking me a long time... The new track I recorded for Roaring Lambs was fun, but it would be nice to do an entire album... This gig at squint takes up more time than I thought it would."

Wisp asks, "What is the most awesome practical joke you have ever pulled off?"

Fritzpw_Host listens intently

Steve Taylor says, "A chat on that pretended that it was actually Steve Taylor answering the questions."

Iocasta asks, "Steve, thinking about the whole Christians as salt and light in the world issue, I wonder what you make of bands like Collective Soul and the Call - who don' t necessarily preach, but certainly have a Christian slant informing their music."

Steve Taylor says, "One of the things the book stresses is the importance of excellence in everything we do. When we do excellent work, in Bob Briner's words, "We Earn the right to ROAR", The Call and Collective Soul are great bands, as are current bands like POD."

ima1 asks, "Do you listen to them?"

Steve Taylor says, "Yes."

ima1 asks, "Tell us about your family..."

Steve Taylor says, "I've been married to Debbie for 15 children as of yet."

godlycool asks, "Does Debbie ever sing old songs to annoy you?"

Steve Taylor says, "No, she doesn't really sing, except in church, she is a painter."

Orca1 asks, "What is your fave childhood memory?"

Steve Taylor says, "My parents took me, along with my brother and sister on a trip through Central America, when I was 5. We didn't have the proper visa's, so they talked their way through different borders, into Guatemala and Honduras... By the time we ended up in Panama, they were afraid we wouldn't be able to get back, so we sold our car and flew to Florida, bought a new car, and drove home to California."

daydreaming asks, "So which of your songs are the ones that make you squirm?"

Steve Taylor says, "There is at least one on each album, except maybe the Squint album."

mariposa767 asks, "How many countries have you traveled to and which was the most memorable for you?"

Steve Taylor says, "When we filmed the "Squint: Movies from the Soundtrack" video, we traveled around the world and filmed in 10 different countries. I think my favorite stop was Vietnam."

ima1 asks, "Why Vietnam?"

Steve Taylor says, "We filmed in Hanoi, and we were some of the first Americans to visit there since the Vietnam War. Hanoi was like a city in a time warp....and it felt like the most foreign place I had ever been. (I'm pretty sure sometime on that trip I ate dog without knowing it.)" asks, "Is there an artist who you regret NOT having signed to Squint?"

Steve Taylor says, "I'm sure there will be, every time I sign a "rejection letter", I wonder if I am passing on the next "U2"."

Mrlunt asks, "Is John Mark Painter on your next album, or any of the guys from C.G."

Steve Taylor says, "John Mark Painter is a musical genius, and I try to have him on as much stuff as I can. I still see the guys from Chagall Guevara fairly regularly, and we still work together in different combinations, sometimes."

Meltdown1 asks, "Steve, my lungs are swollen from trying to hold my breath for a new Chagall cd. Is it in vain or should I hold out an inkling of hope?"

Steve Taylor says, "There is a fair amount of material that was never released, we just can't figure out the best way to let it escape."

funkasaurus asks, "Why is Burlap to Cashmere always being compared (in Christian circles, at least) to Dave Matthews Band?"

Steve Taylor says, "I have no idea...... are Brooklyn and Chapel Hill sister cities? Evidently, Dave Mathews went to see Burlap to Cashmere at a club in Denver and was very impressed."

Meltdown1 asks, "Steve, can you tell us about the time you took your youth group to an airport for a game of capture the flag?"

Fritzpw_Host pictures Steve climbing the tail section of a Boeing 777 to attach their flag.

Steve Taylor says, "It seemed like a good idea at the time. We got caught by the airport security when we used the white paging telephones to signal that "Round 1" was over..."

caspianrex asks, "Do you think that there's still hope for satire in Christian music, or was Cash Cow our last hope for that?"

Steve Taylor says, "Hip-Hop is where the best lyrics are currently being written and part of my attraction to LA Symphony is that their lyrics are fresh and funny and full of insight and truth."

Meltdown1 asks, "Steve, I was just wondering what one might find if he strolled through Steve Taylor's cd collection. What are some of your frequently played favs?"

Steve Taylor says, "My collection is huge! I'm currently listening to the new Travis CD... But, the last thing I listened to was the new Sixpence None the Richer album, which we just finished mixing in Florida a few days ago. It's a really incredible album, but nobody gets to hear it yet..."

Iocasta asks, "Steve, since you've been there and done that, any words of wisdom for us younger artists who are trying to keep our faith evident while out there in the world?"

Steve Taylor says, "Our culture places self- expression as the highest form of artistry and the result is that the arts get perverted into something that is very egocentric and self-serving. That's why I like the story that C.S. Lewis relates in "Mere Christianity" (which is where Sixpence None the Richer got their name). Artistry is a gift from God, and we only give back to God what He gave us in the first place. We should offer our arts in humility and see ourselves as servants."

Fritzpw_Host says, "Steve, thank you so much for coming to chat with us."

Fritzpw_Host says, "Everyone I am so glad you came. I hope you had a great time, I know I did. Thanks so much for joining us for our chat with Steve Taylor."