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Steve Taylor And Some Band In Europe

(compiled from international news bureaus)

Dateline: August 9 (Stockholm) Steve Taylor and Some Band arrived at Sockholm International Airport last night, and were greeted as they stepped off the plane by a throng of smiling faces behind counters requesting their autographs and asking questions like "Hüsker du Kassendrum?"* ("What's inside the drum case?") and "Hemyet yölwe?" ("Are you carrying any fruits or vegetables?").

Reading a prepared statement through a translator, Taylor said "It's good to be here in Sweden. I anticipate a successful tour despite my relative obscurity in Scandinavia." Reminded by his entourage that he remained relatively obscure in the rest of the world as well, Taylor reportedly had no comment.

Dateline: August 10 (Gothenburg) Members of the Swedish rock band Jerusalem were among the audience last night at Stev Taylor and Some Band's first European concert, held here in City Park. Not only was Jerusalem's presence an unexpected surprise--it also increased the concert attendance figures from eighty to eighty-four. When questiond about the evening's small audience, the event's promotor blamed it on "good weather, the holiday season, and competition from the Jacksons' Victory Tour held that night in Florida."

[Photo and caption: Steve struggled with smallest street in Stockholm.]

Dateline: August 11 (Stockholm) A crowd of over three thousand was in attendance last night as Steve Taylor and Some Band performed a rousing set to close the day-long Svalkan Festival. Buoyed by airplay of songs from his "Meltdown" album on Radio Stockholm, a jubilant Taylor greeted Saturday night's audience in flawless Swedish with the phrase "Welkommne, Stockholm!" ("Welcome, Stockholm!"), which he claimed to have spent the past week memorizing. Asked why attendance figures were higher than expected, the event's promoter replied, "good weather, the holiday season, and no competition from the Jacksons' Victory Tour."

Dateline: August 14 (Amsterdam) The Fifth Annual Christian Artists Europe conference is scheduled to begin this week near the village of Ommen, with over fifteen hundred registrants attending daily seminars and nightly concerts. The event includes an entire spectrum of gospel music talents, from such internationally famous artists as Sheila Walsh, Petra, and Scott Wesley Brown, to fledgling unknowns like Norway's Solvei Volcker and America's Steve Tailer.

Dateline: August 18 (Flevoland) Last night marked the second evening of concerts at the Youth For Christ-sponsored Flevofestival, held here at the popular Flevoland Exhibition Park and filmed for Dutch Televisoin by NCRV. Highlights of the festival were provided by two American bands, the heavy metal-influenced Resurrection Band, and the "New Music" sounds of Steve Taylor and Some Band. When asked to what he attributed the enthusiastic crowd response, Taylor replied, "The grace of God, and my use of the traditional Dutch greeting "Hoodenavont, Holland!" ("Welcome, Holland!").

Dateline: August 19 (Amsterdam-Translated Press Release) ...appearing Sunday night at Club Milky Way: Steve Taylor and Some Band from U.S.A. Shirt & Shoes required.

Dateline: August 25 (Castle Ashby) The U.K.'s largest music festival, Greenbelt, is again this year showcasing a broad diversity of musical styles with everything from the black gospel of the Clark Sisters to the very trendy rock of America's Steve Taylor and Some Band. Appearing Saturday night on the main stage (the evening included sets of former After the Fire vocalist Andy Piercy and American troubadour Larry Norman), Taylor quickly displayed his show-biz savvy by winning over the punters (audience) with the traditional British welcome, "Welcome, Britain!", and then proceeded to apologize for any inconvenience that the United States may have caused England during the Revolutionary War. The audience, apparently touched by his sincerity, responded by making Taylor's LP "Meltdown" the number one selling album at the festival, a phenomenon that Taylor later attributed to "good weather, the holiday season and the fact that the Jackson's "Victory" LP was not for sale."

* All foreign phrases and their translations are approximate and have not been verified by linguistic experts.

Mr. Manager Report

Sparrow Video Double Play

Due to popular demand, Sparrow records will release in September the video song clips of Steve Taylor and Sheila Walsh, together on one cassette (VSH format). The response to the "Meltdown (at Madame Tussaud's)" clip has been phenomenal. Music TV formats and dance club pools have added Steve's video nationwide and there's been a lot of support from Christian book and record shops as well. Sheila's clip "Mystery" and Steve's "Meltdown" are available together for just $19.95 at stores, on tour, or by using our order form on back.


If you'd like to see the "Meltdown (at Madame Tussaud's)" video added to MTV's regular rotation play list, drop them a line at:

1133 Ave. of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
Attn: Comment

Just imagine if everyone one who read this wrote MTV a letter, and then got seven of their friends to write MTV a letter, and then those seven friends each got another seven friends to...

Choose Life

To serve as a reminder that all human life is sacred, "Choose Life" is the theme for our new shirt and button. A slogan originally used in the seventies by the American pro-life movement, "Choose Life" t-shirts are now the latest rage in England. A part of the proceeds ($1.00 from the sale of each shirt) will go to the pro-life movement. Watch for a song of the same title on Steve's upcoming LP.

Meltdown Remix

Because of the positive response to "Meltdown (at Madame Tussaud's)" as a single on college radio and the dance club circuit, Sparrow Vice-President and All-Around Whiz Kid Bill Hearn came up with the idea of remixing the song as a 12" extended play single. At the conclusion of England's Greenbelt Festival, Steve tookt he master tapes to Gallery Studio's outside London where Keith Bessey (co-producer of Cliff Richard's new album and engineer on Sheila Walsh's records) produced a very hot "Meltdown (at Madame Tussaud's)" remix. The end result includes the 6½ minute extended remix of "Meltdown" on side A, and both the instrumental remix (4½ minutes) and an edited remix (3½ minutes) of "Meltdown" on side B.

This collector's limited edition EP will also be very specially priced at just $3.99, (also available on cassette) and included a bonus coupon worth $2.00 off the "Meltdown" album for you or a friend. They are available at stores, on tour or by ordering from us. Enjoy it!


A number of you have very generously mailed our office donations, which we've returned. Although our organization greatly appreciates your thoughtfulness, we've decided to keep what we do funded through record sales, concerts, t-shirts, window washing, etc., and to neither ask for nor accept contributions. (When we're on the road, however, an occasional batch of brownies would be nice...)

Membership Renewal

--again, please notice on your mailing label the date your membership expires. Send the big buck ($1.00) to renew, and you can continue being the only person on your block who actually pays money to receive advertising.

Your Friend,
Rob Marshall

Mr. Manager

P.S. The wife & 4 kids are fine.

Break a Leg

As most of you know, Steve suffered multiple injuries (a broken ankle and a tangled microphone cord) following a leap off the stage during "Meat the Press" at the Cornerstone '84 festival. (Rumors that the accident occurred while teaching Michael Jackson how to moonwalk are unfounded.) Here's Steve performing two days later (on the day following the operation) from an electric wheelchair in Cleveland. "No Bones" shirt courtesy of the Paul Clark Band.


Taylor takes grief from some Christians who think he's too radical, but the fact remains that he's got the talent to cross over and compete with more popular secular artists. Keep an eye on this guy.

G. Brown
The Denver Post

Christian rock and roller Steve Taylor, a Sparrow artist, breaks tradition with a sledge hammer.

Martin Halstuk
Los Angeles Times

If you've been waiting for gospel music to catch up with the times, then Steve Taylor's "Meltdown" is the answer to your prayers. Be warned though; this isn't the stuff you'll be hearing in church on Sunday, this is Christian New Wave at its synthesized best!

Bryan Munson
The Houston Post

The six-track 'mini-LP' ("I Want To Be A Clone") is the most exciting and radically 'prophetic' recording the rock `n' roll subculture has so far presented to the Church.

Tony Cummings
Buzz Magazine, England

This is The New Wave Gospel, and Taylor has an edge and vitality in his songs that is rare for any act. This second album could well emerge as the sleeper of the year in contemporary Christian music.


Such is the magic of Steve Taylor's "Meltdown" that, though it deals with meatier issues than 99 plus percent of Christian LP's, it might just get you dancing around the living room. The clever lyrics humorously pin the tail on the secular donkey while frenetic rhythms and exciting melodies provide eardrum kicks. Steve Taylor's "Meltdown" proves that the gospel expressed properly, is a thing of both depth and simplicity.

Jon Trott

Record Reviews

"Age to Age", Amy Grant (Myrrh 6697).

Every once in a while a record comes along that for one reason or another gets "buried in the bins", overlooked by both public and press. Amy Grant (pronounced äm'e grânt) is no newcomer to contemporary Christian music (she actually has six albums to her credit), but somehow this talented singer/songwriter has remained virtually anonymous--one of gospel music's best kept secrets. Although "Age to Age" is almost two years old, I still feel that if songs like "El Shaddai" could get a little radio exposure, this album might catch on. Here's hoping.

"Boys and Girls, Renounce the World!", Undercover (A&S7100919827).

(Five Mohawks - Highest Rating)

"Meltdown", Steve Taylor (Sparrow 1083).

Nice cover, but who told this guy he could sing?

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10/1 Davenport, IA
10/6 Santa Clara, CA/
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10/16 Helena, MT
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10/22 Nashville, TN
10/23 Memphis, TN
10/24 Chattanooga, TN
10/25 Atlanta, GA/
Natl. Youth Workers
10/26 Satellite Beach, FL
10/27 Tampa, FL
10/29 Naples, FL
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11/1 Tallahasse, FL
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