Steve Taylor Fact Sheet / Squint Press Release

October 1993

Discography: I Want To Be A Clone (EP), 1983
Meltdown, 1984
On The Fritz, 1985
Limelight, 1986
I Predict 1990, 1987
The Best We Could Find, 1988
Chagall Guevara, 1991
Grammy Nominations: 1984--"Meltdown"-Best Gospel Performance, Male
1992--"Not Ashamed"-Newsboys, Best Gospel Album by Duo or Group, Producer
Dove Awards: 1986--Limelight, Long Form Video of the Year
Radio: 1984--"Meltdown" #1 Song
1984--"Sin For A Season" #1 Song
1985--"This Disco (Used to be a Cute Cathedral)" #1 Song
1992--"Murder In The Big House" (Chagall Guevara) #1 Song
UK Honors: On The Fritz #1 Album
Limelight #1 Album
I Predict 1990 #1 Album
Publicity: (Cover Stories) Strait, England (twice)
Pack's, Sweden
Treff, Germany
Gospel Music Magazine, England
Camera Angle, England
Buzz, England
Premiere, Canada
Campus Life
CCM (three times)
Christian Activities Calendar
Wittenburg Door
Gospel Music Today
Christian Life
Datebook L.A.
Festivals: Greenbelt, England (3 times)
Flevo, Holland (2 times)
Blackstump, Australia
Greenfest, Canada
Cornerstone (3 times)
Creation (twice)
Jesus '85
TV Appearances: Dove Awards (1984)
Easter Seals Telethon (1986, 1988)
BBC's Rock Gospel (1986, 1988), England
Australia Today, (1988), Australia
Miscellaneous Awards: 1988 Syndicate Reader's Poll: "Jim Morrison's Grave," Song of the Year; Best Live Concert; "I Predict 1990--The Video Album," Best Video
1991 Syndicate Reader's Poll: "Chagall Guevara," Rock Album of the Year; Best Male Vocalist; Best Live Show
1991 Metro Music Awards: Chagall Guevara, Album of the Year
1991 Nashville Scene Awards: Chagall Guevara, Best Band
CCM Magazine's Top 25 Albums of All Time:
#24--I Wanna Be A Clone