Passafist Passafist R.E.X.

CCM Magazine
March 1994 Volume 16 Number 9
© 1994 CCM Publications, Inc.
Page 49

PASSAFIST is an intriguing new band, formed by former Chagall Guevara members Lynn Nichols and Dave Perkins, who manage to retain industrial's intensity, while communicating a salient message with a wry sense of humor absent from most industrial albums. "Love 900," a blast at high-priced telephone services, comments on how they've increased man's emotional detachment, with lines like "Talking dirty isn't all I do/I can tell your fortune too/And give investment overviews ... just as sick as the law allows," while "Glock" ("If you want to be the man of the hour/You better get yourself some firepower") examines the escalation of violence in our society. But the boys don't merely take cheap shots at easy targets. "Emmanuel Christ" is a hypnotic prayer for God's grace and life, while "Christ of the Nuclear Age" imagines where Jesus might minister if He were making His first appearance on Earth today. PASSAFIST may have done the best job to date of merging the menace of industrial with the accessibility of modern rock.

Bruce A. Brown