LOS ANGELES, CA--March 12, 1999--Squint Entertainment artists, Chevelle, recently completed recording their debut with Steve Albini. Albini's studio credits range from Nirvana and Bush, to PJ Harvey and The Breeders.

"What we set out to do with this album was to make a heavy, driving recording," states Chevelle drummer/band leader Sam Loeffler. "We wanted a clean, undoctered sound and that's why Steve Albini was our obvious choice. I realize it's unusual for a debut to capture what a band set out to do, but POINT #1 gets all three of us excited every time we hear it."

Chicago-based Chevelle is comprised of Loeffler and his brothers, Pete (vocals & guitar) and Joe (bass).

Squint founder, Steve Taylor, recalls his introduction to Chevelle in the spring of '98, "Four of us from Squint had gone to a club to see another band, and we were all hanging around when Chevelle got on stage for their soundcheck. Thirty seconds into their first song--and I'm not exaggerating--I turned to the others and yelled out, 'We've got to sign this band.'"

"I play their album all the time, and I play it very loud," confides Taylor. "It's already in my short stack of essential rock CDs. I also really love hanging out with them, and I'm hoping if I do it enough, they'll ask me to join the band."

Squint's marketing for Chevelle will be focused on major mass media and grass media. The label will pursue multiple radio formats and exploit an innovative music video created by award-winning animator Jonathan Richter. Squint will simultaneously service grass roots channels and new media with the video. Chevelle's album, POINT #1, will impact at college radio in April before the first single, "Mia," is serviced to modern rock.

Chevelle, who toured throughout the Midwest and South prior to entering the studio with Albini, will spend the next several months playing clubs in the Midwest and Northeastern United States. In addition, Chevelle will perform at this year's South by Southwest music conference in Austin, TX. They will hit the stage on Thursday, March 18 at Maggie Mae's East (6th Street) at 10 PM. POINT #1 has a May 4 street date.

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