Cornerstone 1996


Cornerstone Festival 1996 (DVD)

This one is a real rarity: a long show completely uncut from start to finish. It features two audio tracks: the original, unaltered audio, and a version that has been denoised and touched up. Thanks to Josh Prins for providing the source video.

Standard: NTSC
Runtime: 1:32:57


  1. Murder In The Big House
  2. The Lament Of Desmond R.G. Underwood-Fredrick IV
  3. I Want To Be A Clone
  4. Curses
  5. Escher's World
  6. The Moshing Floor
  7. Smug
  8. Bannerman
  9. Easy Listening
  10. Elle G
  11. Hero
  12. Jesus Is For Losers
  13. The Finish Line
  14. Jim Morrison's Grave
  15. On The Fritz
  16. Cash Cow (A Rock Opera In Three Small Acts)
  17. Violent Blue
  18. We Don't Need No Colour Code


  1. Audience NTSC VHS handheld camera recording (generation of copy unknown)
  2. Copied from VHS tape with JVC HR-S3900U VCR and Canopus ADVC300 digital video converter
  3. DV capture converted to Huffyuv-encoded AVI for lossless editing in VirtualDub
  4. VirtualDub was used to:
    1. Remove an on-screen (camera-overlayed) capital letter "T" from the bottom right corner with Karel Suhajda's DeLogo 1.3.2 plugin
    2. Smooth the picture lightly to mitigate graininess and improve MPEG compression with VirtualDub's bulit-in smoother filter set to 10, g:500)
  5. AVI encoded to MPEG2 with Cinema Craft Encoder (CCE) (5-pass VBR 5644kbps)
  6. Adobe Audition 2 was used to create the cleaned-up audio to:
    1. Denoise the audio with a noise profile created from a portion of the original VHS with no signal (noise reduction level 50)
    2. Boost certain frequencies via the parametric equalizer to improve tone
    3. Denoise again with the original noise profile treated with the same parametric equalizer settings (noise reduction level 50)
  7. Audio tracks compressed to AC3 with TMPGEnc AC3 Plugin (448kbps)
  8. DVD authored with DVD-lab PRO 2.28
  9. ISO created with ImgBurn

MD5 Signatures

ddfa19b34f0dd12e06a7dd51178a431a  cstone1996.iso


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