Greenbelt 1994


Greenbelt Festival 1994 (DVD)
August 26th-29th, 1994

This DVD features two angles: the original, unaltered video, and a stabilized version. Thanks to Mark Shelbourne for providing the source video.

Standard: NTSC
Runtime: 55:52


  1. The Moshing Floor
  2. The Lament Of Desmond R.G. Underwood-Fredrick IV
  3. I Want To Be A Clone
  4. Easy Listening
  5. Smug
  6. Bannerman
  7. Jim Morrison's Grave
  8. Jesus Is For Losers
  9. The Finish Line
  10. Meltdown (At Madame Tussaud's)
  11. Violent Blue
  12. We Don't Need No Colour Code
  13. Pass It On


  1. Audience PAL handheld camera recording
  2. PAL VHS to PAL DVD conversion via set-top box, audio encoded as 256Kbit MP2
  3. DVD ripped to elementary streams with DVD Decrypter
  4. MPEG2 video stream converted to Huffyuv-encoded AVI for lossless editing in VirtualDub
  5. For the stabilized version, VirtualDub was used to:
    1. Remove the on-screen date with Karel Suhajda's DeLogo 1.3.2 plugin
    2. Stabilize the video with Gunnar Thalin's Deshaker 2.0 plugin
  6. PAL to NTSC conversion with Canopus Procoder 2
  7. AVIs encoded to MPEG2 with Cinema Craft Encoder (CCE)
  8. Original DVD's audio edited with mp3DirectCut 2.05 to avoid recompression
  9. DVD authored with DVD-lab PRO 2.28
  10. ISO created with ImgBurn

MD5 Signatures

115b355ab19b66626d00ee246703b4fc  greenbelt1994.iso


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