Limelight: The Film

[Image: 'Limelight: The Film' Front Cover]

© 1986 Live At Greenbelt, Ltd.
VHS · VCX 1118F



  1. This Disco (Used To Be A Cute Cathedral)
  2. I Want To Be A Clone
  3. You Don't Owe Me Nothing
  4. On The Fritz
  5. Lifeboat
  6. Sin For A Season
  7. Over My Dead Body
  8. Hero
  9. We Don't Need No Colour Code
  10. Whatever Happened To Sin?
  11. Meltdown (At Madame Tussaud's)
  12. Not Gonna Fall Away

About The Video

From The Three Faces Of Steve, The Lighthouse Electronic Magazine, April 1996:

The [video] recorded live in England later in 1985 (Limelight) was next, right?

Oh, right, yeah. Live videos are the hardest ones to do--to me those age the quickest, 'cause...

Your hair is short.

The hair is short. Styles change and there's nothing else going for it besides it being a live concert, you know. I think the whole package with the interview and everything like that helps break it up a bit. Those live videos--those don't age very well, I don't think.